Apr. 16th, 2008

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Amazingly, Senator Clinton was able to learn the nuances of statecraft whilst dodging bullets in Bosnia; a testament to her adroit political gifts, no doubt. And when, on September 11, Saddam Hussein came knocking on the World Trade Center, she was able to correctly glean from what to an outside observer must have looked like scant or dubious evidence and make the Right and Serious choice in 2003 authorizing our Great Adventure in Iraq. Above all else, that is Proof Positive of her overwhelming level of experience over neophyte and un-worldly (fellow) Junior Senator Obama. But the story doesn't end there. Why, with her own toil, blood and sweat she was able to forever mend all hostilities between Protestant and Catholic factions in Ireland. Surely, one could not fathom a better choice to lead our great nation in this era of grave threat?

Hillary Clinton has exactly two extra years of national legislative experience than Obama, who has himself several years legislative experience in one of the nation's largest states.

The experience, foreign or otherwise, argument is a non-starter. Always was, always will be. What is clear is that her judgement is lacking. It was lacking in 2003, it was lacking when she selected her top-level campaign staff, and it is lacking in details large and small: who in this day and age comes up with an anecdote about duck hunting not knowing that it will be thoroughly ridiculed everywhere it is played? That goes beyond "tin-eared" and "disingenuous." It is outright stupid. Has she been paying attention to how the media gobbles up those gems?

Obama has executed the right strategy from the start: do not emulate the GOP swift-boat tactics, but do immediately respond to controversy with honesty and candor. Those seem to be qualities that Hillary is incapable of emulating -- and emulating it is, because based on the evidence I can only conclude that she is a shyster and the worst sort of cynic.

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