Sep. 11th, 2008


Sep. 11th, 2008 07:54 am
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Happy (?) Birthday [ profile] vixi and [ profile] j03.

..Never forget!

(Also, happy anniversary Kathy Simkoff..)

Something else important today.. trying to remember what..
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Reading NANOG on my shell account in mutt at 6:30AM or so, when the list started going apeshit with talk about some plane hitting the trade center. My first thought was "small plane", like someone's turboprop or a Cesna. But something about the chaos and misinformation on NANOG made me turn on the TV, like this was bigger than an accident or a network outage.

Ironically, the #5ESS in the basement of one of the buildings stayed up for a day or two after the buildings collapsed. Score one for Lucent.

Later in the day, many misadventures of me and Larry, my roommate at the time: trying to give blood only to be turned away; not having enough money in the ATM to take out $20, and talking the bodega clerk into giving us a liter of Jim Beam (he was probably scared shitless having brown skin); watching the news in a stunned murmur with 200 other people crammed into the Kilowatt. Jon Stewart freaking out. Not crying until I went to bed, but sobbing for a good ten minutes straight, uncontrollably, shaking -- after being totally emotionless all day -- after finally getting a hold of my mother in Cleveland.

All in all, a pretty rough day. Took the rest of the week off, developed an affinity for plane spotting.

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