Oct. 13th, 2008

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Today at Embarcadero and Page Mill Road in Palo Alto where picketers *supporting* California's Proposition 8.

This is the proposition that would ban same sex marriage in the state constitution.

It is institutional bigotry.

One of the signs had the gall to say "Proposition 8 = Religious Freedom".

Okay, put down whatever you were going to throw at the screen and try to follow me for a second.

Earlier this year, last month, a couple filling out their marriage license application crossed out "party A" and "party B" and replaced it with "bride" and "groom".

Unsurprisingly, the form was rejected (you cannot deface a legal contract). The couple, with the help of their church, is suing that the form violates their civil rights -- specifically their "religious freedom" to be called "bride" and "groom" on a secular, government document. A legal contract.

Nevermind this claim is entirely specious and without any legal merit whatsoever, it makes me angry that there are people who actually believe that allowing gay people the right to marry, the right to be with their partners in the hospital, to adopt children, to confide in one another actually violates their right to be a hateful bigot?

Also.. fuck Ohio:

Religion fucking poisons everything!

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