Nov. 28th, 2005 02:15 pm
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Do you feel an extra chill in the air, Jennipuh? Its me, laying over in you shitty airport (hey, beats Houston GHWBush Intercontinental, barely).

"Young Pilgrams" came on the iPod coming down, bumpily, into ATL approach out of F.L. 320 on a rickidy B73 with peeling paint on the leading control surfaces, nose and tail. I hate Delta. N306DL. Check the lyrics, you will find them appropos.
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Posting from the slackberry. Man, I fucking need to get a sidekick instead.

Stuck at ORD waiting for a commuter jet to CLE. Hopefully in time to get sushi w/ Marty and Annie and TimTim.

Vehicle from SFO was tail# N213UA. Also 'spotted' 199, 665 from same fleet (the former a B74, latter a B73 or something like that).

QOTD: tower - "united 134 out of 3000 clear for visual 22 right.. Wait, let me try that again 134 clear out of 3000 visual to *27* right, sorry.." (Beat) 1st officer "134 tower wilco VFR"..

[edit: there was a bit more, but the blackberry only allows a certain amount of text to be entered. the point was, are rear landing gear hit about half a second later. oh how i love ATC gaffes!]

[editedit: apparantly N199UA is also internet.famous (i just plugged the tail number into alnet and the faa website, but google has it listed as an example tail number for registration searches; thereby making it one of the most famous tail numbers on google.]

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