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blog bloggity blog blog blog.

i guess i've been like slow simmering depressed since... the 90s?

anyway, vodka, indian food and the orville are my immediate plans. after that, hashtag shrug.
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Forgetting everything else (something about a film marathon and gay rights and the Moscow olympics) about the dream... here's the important bit:

I'm in a classroom, and class is getting out. We are milling about, some of us are talking to the professor.

Suddenly, [livejournal.com profile] iamsab bear hugs me from behind - all 90 pounds of her.

She's wearing a charcoal and black dress with silver piping and little tiny faux pearl beads sewn in.

I hug her tightly. She is smiling broadly. I look into her eyes, bursting with life. I can feel the warmth of her body, her hip bone and ribs and arms against me. I can feel her breath, her life.

But I know she is gone, and has been gone for a long time.

I hold on to her for a long time, but she tells me: "I have to go."

I say "I know."

Then I'm awake.
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first, damn you tony bourdain and your negronis. man do i want one of those.

sound familiar?


been snacky all day. egg tacos in charred whole wheat tortillas with salad.. then a beef wrap (basically with another salad, in the wrap), then angel hair with lardons, mushrooms and basil, cheese under the broiler.. then i made a couple little parsnip fritters and some fried seiten with an asian aioli and salsa.

now, i'm going to eat an apple.

at least i'm getting lots of veg and fiber today.

oh yeah, gotta write some shit in ruby. that's going to be great. well, i guess i should get started on that tomorrow.

had a wonderful little brunch with ES. i totally have a crush on her. yes, she's a bi-polar lesbian. she's also a really sweet girl, super smart and has a similar half dark, half whimsical, imaginative, wide-eyed, weird view of the world. and she was a staff writer for an awesome sci-fi show that i shall not name at this time.

oh, and i'm probably going to cull my friends list soon. those of you who are still frequent users of LJ fear not, but if you have been lurking you should comment below.

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let loose on the roommate after hearing one too many jokes about cleveland..

if you grew up in SF, listen up:

* your public transportation is embarrassingly bad; privatization of the SF municipal rail, BART and Caltrain are all failed experiments and the "free market" wants it both ways: cheap transportation of labor but restricted public funding of transportation. sorry, public transportation needs to be truly publicly funded and not run as a for profit business; and industry must chip in it if expects to reap the benefits. why can't the bay area get this right? [ETA: bad in SF, nearly nonexistent in Cleveland.. I am comparing SF to Europe/Canada, etc other places that get pub. xport right.]

* if you grew up in the bay area, chances are you are a dullard, entitled, smug gadabout with no class and no sense of culture (beyond, perhaps, 1960s counter culture and its offspring or your chosen gender/race identity). this is not universally true, but there is a softening of the mind that happens to people who live sheltered, entitled lives. i am not immune, but the hardships of coming from an economically depressed, yet vibrantly multi-cultural place like cleveland has i think better prepared me to truly be open to new ideas, arts, music and culture than many of the insular SF natives I have met. sorry, but it's true and everyone from outside of the Bay Area knows it (although few openly acknowledge it). part of it is poor education, part of it is geopolitical isolation, and part of it is, i don't know, not having real weather. who knows why?

[ETA obviously i am exaggerating.. but have you ever noticed that ppl in SF tend to talk about the same four or five topics over and over, endlessly, until the brain numbs? maybe it's my fault for having boring friends..]

* yours is a racist, segregated city. and I know racist, because east side cleveland = black and west side = eastern european / german / polish. still, clevelanders manage to intermingle better than natives of san francisco, who often give lip service to diversity without actually being diverse at all.

* bagels. can't get 'em in San Francisco.. what passes for corned beef is horrid. you have to go to mt view to find a decent deli (dittmer's).. san francisco's food scene lacks soul. oakland's doesn't, but oakland is quickly going the way of the mission in terms of gentrification. there is wonderful food in san francisco, to be sure, but it is not the same as a street-corner gyro in the flats or perogies out in rocky river or venison jerky in ashtabula. and yes, there is some terrible, terrible food in the midwest. skyline chili? awful. these days, sf is no more a food mecca than las vegas. why is that?

* SF politics are near anarchy. now, i love the newsome/daly show as much as the next liberal wonk, but sometimes it is just embarrassing to have to explain to a normal person, a normal progressive even, the machinations of myopic SF identity politics and the clowning around in city hall. progressive politics in places like oakland, cleveland, detroit, baltimore, etc are about solving real hard problems. it should be the same in SF. often, it's about looking and sounding like a fucking idiot to the rest of the world. I am talking to you, Chris Daly.

Now, I have lived in SF for nearly 15 years and I will probably continue to live in it for many years to come. I imagine living most of the rest of my life in california somewhere. but I get sick of hearing about how much better it is than everywhere else on the planet, especially from people who haven't really traveled outside of the bay area at all.

San Francisco, you are not the only city in the world. i love you, but get the fuck over yourself.
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Comment here if you want to stay on, and if I don't know you that well, why.
Their reply was:

What? What is going on?
Just Spring cleaning..
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From AP:

Islamic clerics in Malaysia rule to ban tomboys
By JULIA ZAPPEI Associated Press Writer
long rant follows )
Obama/Biden 2008


Oct. 23rd, 2008 04:57 pm
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I declare jihad on this site:


Do what thou wilt.
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First off, I "maintain" a blog at http://und1sk0.blogspot.com/.

It has not been seriously updated in many, many months.

I feel that the trend of blogging peaked probably around November of last year, and now it is well into a down grade from which it will not recover. I have no facts or figures, but I am confident that history will vindicate me.

That said, I really think that LiveJournal is uniquely positioned to experience a major uptick in usage (and by that I don't mean one LOL post after another, but serious usage, substantive postings and an increase of users).

Perhaps my optimism for LJ is based on a myopic nostalgia for communication fora of my youth. I believe that, 4chan notwithstanding, LJ is the biggest, best (and prettiest) BBS of which I've ever been a member.(*)

(*) Sorry, Tom Jackiewicz. UPT was fun, but it is no LJ.
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Stephen Paul "Elliott" Smith, 6th August, 1969 - 21st October, 2003

I wish you had stuck around a little longer to write more songs. We miss you terribly.
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Socialism refers to a broad set of economic theories of social organization advocating state or collective ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods, and the creation of an egalitarian society.[1][2] Modern socialism originated in the late nineteenth-century working class political movement. Karl Marx posited that socialism would be achieved via class struggle and a proletarian revolution which represents the transitional stage between capitalism and communism.[3][4]

Socialists mainly share the belief that capitalism unfairly concentrates power and wealth among a small segment of society that controls capital, and creates an unequal society. All socialists advocate the creation of an egalitarian society, in which wealth and power are distributed more evenly, although there is considerable disagreement among socialists over how, and to what extent this could be achieved.[1]

Socialism is not a discrete philosophy of fixed doctrine and program; its branches advocate a degree of social interventionism and economic rationalization, sometimes opposing each other. Another dividing feature of the socialist movement is the split on how a socialist economy should be established between the reformists and the revolutionaries. Some socialists advocate complete nationalization of the means of production, distribution, and exchange; while others advocate state control of capital within the framework of a market economy. Social democrats propose selective nationalization of key national industries in mixed economies combined with tax-funded welfare programs; Libertarian socialism (which includes Socialist Anarchism and Libertarian Marxism) rejects state control and ownership of the economy altogether and advocates direct collective ownership of the means of production via co-operative workers' councils and workplace democracy.

In the 1970s and the 1980s, Yugoslavian, Hungarian, Polish and Chinese Communists instituted various forms of market socialism combining co-operative and State ownership models with the free market exchange.[5] This is unlike the earlier theoretical market socialist proposal put forth by Oskar Lange in that it allows market forces, rather than central planners to guide production and exchange.[6] Anarcho-syndicalists, Luxemburgists (such as those in the Socialist Party USA) and some elements of the United States New Left favor decentralized collective ownership in the form of cooperatives or workers' councils.

Please explain to me how this in any way describes Senator Barack Obama's economic plan(s).
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Ha-ha ha-ha huh!

Check it, yo:


Man, I fucking hate everything about modern advertisement media, focus groups and the genericization (NEW WORD!@ EN.WIKTIONARY.COM HOLLA, WUT?) of trends.

But is it inevitable, for the laws for thermodynamics state that which is cool tends to suck over time.

Now, personally I've never been in love with the term "blog." It sounds like something you do in your pants when you've been drinking cordials all night, find yourself with a mixed group of party kids and cross-dressers and accidentally snort heroin for the first time at 5am in the morning(*).


Let's come up with an alternative term for "blogging", one that cannot be easily co-opted by Madison Avenue?

I was thinking of maybe "FUCKSHIT".. As in,

"FUCKSHITTING on the road with the Obama campaign, I was struck by the earnest and unbridled optimism of the volunteers; this was truly something I have not experienced in my life in politics. Even the FUCKSHIT-o-sphere is humming with excitement."

Can you dig it?
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The "Drive-by Truckers" are fucking great.

That is all.
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Oct 16th, 2008 | BENTONVILLE, Ark. -- Wal-Mart Stores Inc., known for its strong stance against workers unionizing, closed a tire and lube center in Canada on Thursday where workers voted to organize.

In August, a Quebec arbitrator imposed a labor contract for tire and lube workers at a Wal-Mart in Gatineau, Quebec.

A Wal-Mart spokesman at the company's Bentonville, Ark., headquarters confirmed the closing. The United Food and Commercial Workers union called the closure an "attack" on Wal-Mart workers.

In 2005 Wal-Mart closed a store in Jonquiere, Quebec, after workers there agreed to unionize. The union has a Canada Supreme Court case pending over whether those workers' rights were violated.

Tom Waits

Oct. 15th, 2008 11:40 pm
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Tom Waits is the man.

That is all.
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To all Persons to whom these Presents shall come or be made known- Whereas the United States of America in Congress assembled by their Commission bearing date the twelvth day of May One thousand Seven hundred and Eighty four thought proper to constitute John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson their Ministers Plenipotentiary, giving to them or a Majority of them full Powers to confer, treat & negotiate with the Ambassador, Minister or Commissioner of His Majesty the Emperor of Morocco concerning a Treaty of Amity and Commerce, to make & receive propositions for such Treaty and to conclude and sign the same, transmitting it to the United States in Congress assembled for their final Ratification, And by one other (commission bearing date the Eleventh day of March One thousand Seven hundred & Eighty five did further empower the said Ministers Plenipotentiary or a majority of them, by writing under the* hands and Seals to appoint such Agent in the said Business as they might think proper with Authority under the directions and Instructions of the said Ministers to commence & prosecute the said Negotiations & Conferences for the said Treaty provided that the said Treaty should be signed by the said Ministers: And Whereas, We the said John Adams & Thomas Jefferson two of the said Ministers Plenipotentiary (the said Benjamin Franklin being absent) by writing under the Hand and Seal of the said John Adams at London October the fifth, One thousand Seven hundred and Eighty five, & of the said Thomas Jefferson at Paris October the Eleventh of the same Year, did appoint Thomas Barclay, Agent in the Business aforesaid, giving him the Powers therein, which by the said second Commission we were authorized to give, and the said Thomas Barclay in pursuance thereof, hath arranged Articles for a Treaty of Amity and Commerce between the United States of America and His Majesty the Emperor of Morocco, which Articles written in the Arabic Language, confirmed by His said Majesty the Emperor of Morocco & seal'd with His Royal Seal, being translated into the Language of the said United States of America, together with the Attestations thereto annexed are in the following Words, To Wit.

In the name of Almighty God,

This is a Treaty of Peace and Friendship established between us and the United States of America, which is confirmed, and which we have ordered to be written in this Book and sealed with our Royal Seal at our Court of Morocco on the twenty fifth day of the blessed Month of Shaban, in the Year One thousand two hundred, trusting in God it will remain permanent.


We declare that both Parties have agreed that this Treaty consisting of twenty five Articles shall be inserted in this Book and delivered to the Honorable Thomas Barclay, the Agent of the United States now at our Court, with whose Approbation it has been made and who is duly authorized on their Part, to treat with us concerning all the Matters contained therein.


If either of the Parties shall be at War with any Nation whatever, the other Party shall not take a Commission from the Enemy nor fight under their Colors.


If either of the Parties shall be at War with any Nation whatever and take a Prize belonging to that Nation, and there shall be found on board Subjects or Effects belonging to either of the Parties, the Subjects shall be set at Liberty and the Effects returned to the Owners. And if any Goods belonging to any Nation, with whom either of the Parties shall be at War, shall be loaded on Vessels belonging to the other Party, they shall pass free and unmolested without any attempt being made to take or detain them.


A Signal or Pass shall be given to all Vessels belonging to both Parties, by which they are to be known when they meet at Sea, and if the Commander of a Ship of War of either Party shall have other Ships under his Convoy, the Declaration of the Commander shall alone be sufficient to exempt any of them from examination.


If either of the Parties shall be at War, and shall meet a Vessel at Sea, belonging to the other, it is agreed that if an examination is to be made, it shall be done by sending a Boat with two or three Men only, and if any Gun shall be Bred and injury done without Reason, the offending Party shall make good all damages.


If any Moor shall bring Citizens of the United States or their Effects to His Majesty, the Citizens shall immediately be set at Liberty and the Effects restored, and in like Manner, if any Moor not a Subject of these Dominions shall make Prize of any of the Citizens of America or their Effects and bring them into any of the Ports of His Majesty, they shall be immediately released, as they will then be considered as under His Majesty's Protection.


If any Vessel of either Party shall put into a Port of the other and have occasion for Provisions or other Supplies, they shall be furnished without any interruption or molestation.

If any Vessel of the United States shall meet with a Disaster at Sea and put into one of our Ports to repair, she shall be at Liberty to land and reload her cargo, without paying any Duty whatever.


If any Vessel of the United States shall be cast on Shore on any Part of our Coasts, she shall remain at the disposition of the Owners and no one shall attempt going near her without their Approbation, as she is then considered particularly under our Protection; and if any Vessel of the United States shall be forced to put into our Ports, by Stress of weather or otherwise, she shall not be compelled to land her Cargo, but shall remain in tranquillity untill the Commander shall think proper to proceed on his Voyage.


If any Vessel of either of the Parties shall have an engagement with a Vessel belonging to any of the Christian Powers within gunshot of the Forts of the other, the Vessel so engaged shall be defended and protected as much as possible untill she is in safety; And if any American Vessel shall be cast on shore on the Coast of Wadnoon (1) or any coast thereabout, the People belonging to her shall be protected, and assisted untill by the help of God, they shall be sent to their Country.


If we shall be at War with any Christian Power and any of our Vessels sail from the Ports of the United States, no Vessel belonging to the enemy shall follow untill twenty four hours after the Departure of our Vessels; and the same Regulation shall be observed towards the American Vessels sailing from our Ports.-be their enemies Moors or Christians.


If any Ship of War belonging to the United States shall put into any of our Ports, she shall not be examined on any Pretence whatever, even though she should have fugitive Slaves on Board, nor shall the Governor or Commander of the Place compel them to be brought on Shore on any pretext, nor require any payment for them.


If a Ship of War of either Party shall put into a Port of the other and salute, it shall be returned from the Fort, with an equal Number of Guns, not with more or less.


The Commerce with the United States shall be on the same footing as is the Commerce with Spain or as that with the most favored Nation for the time being and their Citizens shall be respected and esteemed and have full Liberty to pass and repass our Country and Sea Ports whenever they please without interruption.


Merchants of both Countries shall employ only such interpreters, & such other Persons to assist them in their Business, as they shall think proper. No Commander of a Vessel shall transport his Cargo on board another Vessel, he shall not be detained in Port, longer than he may think proper, and all persons employed in loading or unloading Goods or in any other Labor whatever, shall be paid at the Customary rates, not more and not less.


In case of a War between the Parties, the Prisoners are not to be made Slaves, but to be exchanged one for another, Captain for Captain, Officer for Officer and one private Man for another; and if there shall prove a deficiency on either side, it shall be made up by the payment of one hundred Mexican Dollars for each Person wanting; And it is agreed that all Prisoners shall be exchanged in twelve Months from the Time of their being taken, and that this exchange may be effected by a Merchant or any other Person authorized by either of the Parties.


Merchants shall not be compelled to buy or Sell any kind of Goods but such as they shall think proper; and may buy and sell all sorts of Merchandise but such as are prohibited to the other Christian Nations.


All goods shall be weighed and examined before they are sent on board, and to avoid all detention of Vessels, no examination shall afterwards be made, unless it shall first be proved, that contraband Goods have been sent on board, in which Case the Persons who took the contraband Goods on board shall be punished according to the Usage and Custom of the Country and no other Person whatever shall be injured, nor shall the Ship or Cargo incur any Penalty or damage whatever.


No vessel shall be detained in Port on any presence whatever, nor be obliged to take on board any Article without the consent of the Commander, who shall be at full Liberty to agree for the Freight of any Goods he takes on board.


If any of the Citizens of the United States, or any Persons under their Protection, shall have any disputes with each other, the Consul shall decide between the Parties and whenever the Consul shall require any Aid or Assistance from our Government to enforce his decisions it shall be immediately granted to him.


If a Citizen of the United States should kill or wound a Moor, or on the contrary if a Moor shall kill or wound a Citizen of the United States, the Law of the Country shall take place and equal Justice shall be rendered, the Consul assisting at the Tryal, and if any Delinquent shall make his escape, the Consul shall not be answerable for him in any manner whatever.


If an American Citizen shall die in our Country and no Will shall appear, the Consul shall take possession of his Effects, and if there shall be no Consul, the Effects shall be deposited in the hands of some Person worthy of Trust, untill the Party shall appear who has a Right to demand them, but if the Heir to the Person deceased be present, the Property shall be delivered to him without interruption; and if a Will shall appear, the Property shall descend agreeable to that Will, as soon as the Consul shall declare the Validity thereof.


The Consuls of the United States of America shall reside in any Sea Port of our Dominions that they shall think proper; And they shall be respected and enjoy all the Privileges which the Consuls of any other Nation enjoy, and if any of the Citizens of the United States shall contract any Debts or engagements, the Consul shall not be in any Manner accountable for them, unless he shall have given a Promise in writing for the payment or fulfilling thereof, without which promise in Writing no Application to him for any redress shall be made.


If any differences shall arise by either Party infringing on any of the Articles of this Treaty, Peace and Harmony shall remain notwithstanding in the fullest force, untill a friendly Application shall be made for an Arrangement, and untill that Application shall be rejected, no appeal shall be made to Arms. And if a War shall break out between the Parties, Nine Months shall be granted to all the Subjects of both Parties, to dispose of their Effects and retire with their Property. And it is further declared that whatever indulgences in Trade or otherwise shall be granted to any of the Christian Powers, the Citizens of the United States shall be equally entitled to them.


This Treaty shall continue in full Force, with the help of God for Fifty Years.

We have delivered this Book into the Hands of the before-mentioned Thomas Barclay on the first day of the blessed Month of Ramadan, in the Year One thousand two hundred.

I certify that the annex'd is a true Copy of the Translation made by Issac Cardoza Nunez, Interpreter at Morocco, of the treaty between the Emperor of Morocco and the United States of America.


(1) Or Ouadnoun, on the Atlantic coast, about latitude 29° N.
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Today at Embarcadero and Page Mill Road in Palo Alto where picketers *supporting* California's Proposition 8.

This is the proposition that would ban same sex marriage in the state constitution.

It is institutional bigotry.

One of the signs had the gall to say "Proposition 8 = Religious Freedom".

Okay, put down whatever you were going to throw at the screen and try to follow me for a second.

Earlier this year, last month, a couple filling out their marriage license application crossed out "party A" and "party B" and replaced it with "bride" and "groom".

Unsurprisingly, the form was rejected (you cannot deface a legal contract). The couple, with the help of their church, is suing that the form violates their civil rights -- specifically their "religious freedom" to be called "bride" and "groom" on a secular, government document. A legal contract.

Nevermind this claim is entirely specious and without any legal merit whatsoever, it makes me angry that there are people who actually believe that allowing gay people the right to marry, the right to be with their partners in the hospital, to adopt children, to confide in one another actually violates their right to be a hateful bigot?

Also.. fuck Ohio:

Religion fucking poisons everything!
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..the internets:

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