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instead of worry about the things that are currently bothering me, let's talk television!

this op-ed in salon is, as much as i love CSI and law and order, pretty much dead-on. what's with these shoegazing sullen loner types as prime-time drama heroes?:

In fact, they're not just incapable of normal human interaction, they're disdainful of it. David Caruso, who's made a fitful career out of disdain, doesn't even make eye contact on "CSI Miami." He delivers his lines like it causes him actual physical pain to relate to a mere human. Vincent D'Onofrio acts as if talking to people is literally killing him -- he takes a deep breath after every three words so he can gather enough strength for the next three, like someone who's dying of lung cancer. He sometimes seems to actually be on the verge of croaking right in the middle of a line, just from the sheer boredom of having to explain things to someone who hasn't taken the time to memorize the periodic table.

perhaps the appeal of a gil grissom is that, in addition to being a total geek, his life is more miserable than mine; and so, with schadenfreunde we watch csi. of course, the truth is my life is as out of control and miserable as jimmy mcnulty's (and maybe has some parity to his turnaround at the end of the wire season 3).

that is all.

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